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Ridge to Rivers


With high temps approaching 60 degrees for the next few days, it will be a beautiful weekend to dust off those shoes or lube your chain and head into the Foothills for an early spring run, hike or ride - and you should take advantage of the opportunity as next week it looks like we have a return to more normal temps and rainier weather, so trail options will again be more limited.

Speaking of trail options.....Please take a look at our Interactive Map in planning your outing. While there are many trails that we know have dried adequately, there are also many others where you may still encounter longer muddy sections - these are depicted in yellow on the map. If you are on one of these trails and starting to travel off trail consistently to avoid mud, please turn around and find a drier alternative. If you encounter shorter sections of mud or puddles - of which there are plenty out there - remember to travel through, not around these so that you don't widen the trail.  Trails at upper elevations are still snow covered so if snowshoeing is your thing, conditions should be great for that as well.

Enjoy the sunshine, choose dry trails, and also dust off your trail etiquette skills - judging by yesterday the trails will be quite busy this weekend!

Elephant Rock Trail

Cottonwood Creek Trail - still a bit too muddy

Shane's Trail