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What trails are available for my dog and me? They all are! Simply head out, take a plastic grocery bag for dog waste, a leash and be aware of the rules and common sense of being a responsible dog owner. Being aware of the ways your dog can create problems is an important part of being a responsible dog owner.

Social conflicts include:

  • Not picking up your dog’s waste along the trail.
  • Off-leash dogs scaring or conflicting with other trail users.

Environmental conflicts include:

  • Off-leash dogs scaring, harassing or killing wildlife such as ground nesting birds or wintering big game.
  • Digging holes and disturbing rare plant sites or stream banks.

On-Leash Trails

Several trails and trailheads in the Ridge to Rivers system are managed as on-leash. These requirements are designed to protect wildlife, riparian vegetation, or to minimize conflicts with other users in heavily visited areas. Failure to comply with leash restrictions is a violation of Boise City ordinance and violators are subject to a $81.50 fine.

Controlled Off-Leash Trails

The vast majority of Ridge to Rivers trails are managed as controlled off-leash.

Controlled Off-leash guidelines stipulate that:

  • Owners carry a leash with them at all times.
  • Dogs remain within 30 feet of owners, and under strict sight and voice control.
  • Dogs are prevented from harassing people, wildlife or other pets.