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While all Ridge to Rivers trails are open to hiking or running, there are a small number of trails designated specifically for pedestrians only. While this is one management tool, we try to find other solutions to management challenges prior to closing a trail to certain uses.

These uses can include:

  • Promoting shared trails, since it's difficult for everyone to have their own trail.
  • Using other forms of education.
  • Creating opportunities that spread the use out rather than concentrating it in one area.
  • Using physical obstacles such as rocks or fence pass-thrus to slow use.

Currently, the following trails have the Pedestrian-Only designation:

These trails have a Pedestrian-Only designation for the following reasons:

  • The main function of a trail is to provide an educational experience.
  • There is a need to separate uses in a busy area to minimize conflicts.
  • The steepness of a trail would increase erosion if other uses were allowed.
  • The experience desired by the community means a more restrictive approach.